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Reducing the ecological footprint is an absolute priority for us as residents of this beautiful planet and this to safeguard our future and the future of next generations.

EUCOCHEM too is fully committed to contribute, to help to “build” an ecologically responsible future and a clean world for man, plant and animal.

Every day we try to work with all our partners on more ecological entrepreneurship.

This goes from as much as possible:

  • using ecologically responsible raw materials
  • offering products based on recycled materials
  • using less packaging
  • searching for product formulations that emit less VOCs during processing and after installation
  • thinking along with the end customer with a view to circular construction
  • and so much more.


By using synthetic resins responsibly, we can build sustainably.

We can extend the life expectancy of our structures or we can renovate faster and better instead of completely demolishing structures and having to rebuild them. A sustainable approach to the entire project meets the needs of current and future generations.​


We strive to offer our customers the widest possible product range with low emission values.

Most of the EUCOCHEM products have been tested to product emission legislation (EU CEN/TS 16516).

Our ECO product line is water-based and therefore completely solvent-free. In this way, everyone in the present, as well as our children and future generations, may enjoy wonderful pure air free from volatile organic compounds.