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Construction chemicals are liquids, powders, pastes or resins and the likes that we use on construction sites. Both for renovation and new construction. Here are some examples of these products:

  • Reactive resins for injecting, as an adhesive or as anchoring.
  • Synthetic floors in industry or on parking decks.
  • Hydrophobing agents
  • Modified, mineral mortar systems (repair mortars, plasters, adhesives, …)
  • Additives for concrete, mortar, cement, lime and plaster.
  • Corrosion protection for reinforced steel in concrete.
  • Additives for tunnel and mining applications.
  • Waterproofing and adhesives in construction.
  • Modified bitumen-based emulsions as cellar waterproofing or as a basis for repair mortars in road construction.
  • Liquid applied elastomer membranes as waterproofing of different structures.


Eucochem targets advanced solutions and systems that can meet the high demands of construction stakeholders.

From builder, architect, engineer, interior and environmental designer, general contractor, contractor, sub-contractor to dealer. We offer you solutions, systems and products that are being used in most construction applications:

  • Road infrastructure & works of art
  • Skyscrapers & apartment building
  • Water towers, water treatment plants & sewerage networks
  • Sports infrastructure & stadiums
  • Industrial buildings & factories
  • Commercial buildings & environments
  • Ports & offshore wind farms
  • Renovations & consolidation of concrete structures
  • Tunnel industry
  • And so much more.



“EUCOCHEM is a young and dynamic company that can draw on a solid base of over 15 years of experience in the world of synthetic resins and construction chemicals by working for various suppliers and manufacturers. It was clear from the start that for me the combination of chemicals and construction was the perfect match to be genuinely happy in this industry. The “job” quickly became a “passion”. Over the years, more and more experience has been gained and this in the most diverse projects. I sincerely wish to thank the people who introduced me into the world of construction chemicals. They were my mentors and I learned a lot from them. After about 15 years, it was time to follow my own path and the creation of EUCOCHEM was a fact.”

Bert Dendooven
Founder & Managing Director EUCOCHEM BV