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Construction chemicals is more than just selling products. The solution usually is a combination of different products and techniques that must be very well matched.

In most cases, a project will be analyzed and studied from A to Z before an appropriate recommendation can be made. Here some elements that we, as a professional, take into account before choosing which solutions, which systems and which products we will offer you:

  • Preliminary analysis of the substrate.
  • If necessary, thorough analysis of the entire construction, the surroundings and the history of the building or site.
  • What is the most suitable preparation of the surface?
  • What is the correct choice of the right system and/or product?
  • Do you prefer an industrial or more decorative finish?
  • Chemical and mechanical load.
  • Expected degree of finish and lifespan.
  • Correct cleaning of the surface.
  • Drawing up a maintenance plan for short and/or long term.
  • And so much more.

We are happy to assist you with your project and work with you to find the right choices for your project to run optimally.