EUCOCHEM – COOKIE POLICY – Version: 16/06/2020

What is a cookie?
Cookies are small text files created by the visited website that contain data. They are stored on the visitor’s computer to give the user access to various functions. Both session cookies and non-session cookies are used on this website (the “site”). A session cookie is temporarily stored in the computer’s memory while the visitor is browsing the website. This cookie is cleared when the user closes their web browser or after a specified time (meaning the session expires). A non-session cookie remains on the visitor’s computer until it is deleted.

Why do we use cookies?
We use cookies to learn more about how visitors interact with our content and to help us improve the experience of visiting our site.

Site functionality
The shared feature is used by visitors to recommend our place and content on social networks such as Facebook and Twitter. Cookies store information about how visitors use the share function – but not at an individual level – so that the site can be improved. If you do not accept cookies, no information is stored.
We use third-party providers for some of the features on our site, such as when you visit a page with embedded videos from or links to YouTube. These Videos or links (and any other third party content) may contain third party cookies and you may refer to the policies of these third party websites for information on the use of cookies.

Cookies we use:
This site uses Google Analytics which use cookies. On an aggregated level, cookies store information about how visitors use the site, including the number of pages displayed, where the visitor comes from, and the number of visits, to improve the website and ensure a good user experience. If you do not accept cookies, no information is stored.

cookieconsent_dismissed This cookie has no expiry date. “Yes” when accepted
“No” in case of refusal
This cookie tells the site that you have accepted that cookies are being used and prevents the display of the cookie information message on your next visits.
PHPSESSID This cookie is deleted when you close the browser. Unique PHP ID This session cookie is used by PHP by default in the communication between the web server and the browser. Every visitor gets a unique and automatic ID from PHP.
PHP is a programming language that is used in the communication between your browser and the web server where this website is published. Without this communication you can not read the website.

You cannot refuse these cookies if you want to surf on

2 years
10 minutes
1 day
Analytical / performance These cookies are part of Google Analytics and allow us to measure information about how visitors use our site. This includes identifying each unique user to our site and details of each page visited. _gat is used to limit the collection of analytics data on high traffic sites.
For further information, please read Google’s overview of privacy and safeguarding data.

How to refuse cookies?
We will not use cookies to collect personally identifiable information about a visitor.

If you choose to reject or block the cookies placed by, you can change the settings of your browser. See the help function for further details. Keep in mind that most browsers automatically accept cookies, so if you don’t want to use cookies you may need to actively delete or block the cookies.

We also refer you to:
• Internet Explorer:
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For information on the use of cookies in mobile phone browsers and for details on how to refuse or delete such cookies, please refer to the manual of your mobile phone.